Here are some extra materials for our belly dance students for classes the week of March 7th.

This week’s song is “Sana Wara Sana” by Nancy Ajram. She is a Lebanese pop singer who’s been on the scene for since the early 200o’s. You can read more about her here.

“Sana Wara Sana” translates to “Year After Year”. Check out the translated lyrics for this week’s song.

The basic idea…

year after year, year after year, year after year
My heart still longs for you
And I’m melting and I’m jealous and am dying for you

Some skills from this week…

Walking 3/4 Shimmy

Vertical Figure 8 Upward / Sway

Pop Step

Walking Hip Circles

AND A CHALLENGE for continuing students!
Create your own version of this combinations with these ideas…
1. If you know more than one kind of walking 3/4 shimmy – use a different one
2. Add some arms to your sways, or play with the timing using some slower and some faster as you feel the music
3. Add a layer to your pop step!
4. Use your hip circle to travel, turn or incorporate some halves in changing directions.

Have fun with it!