Exclusively at One World Dance & Music… 

Our belly dance program is the most comprehensive in the area!

Whether you’re  looking to try something new and get some exercise dancing for fun or
are looking to grow as a dancer and artist in Middle Eastern dance,
we have the classes you are looking for!

  • Small, high-quality classes with an instructor who has over 20 years experience
  • Classes from total beginner through intermediate and advanced levels to keep you growing and learning.
  • Our programs teaches more than just moves! Our students learn about the music, culture and history of Middle Eastern dance.
  • Interested students have the opportunity to study Middle Eastern music and percussion.
  • Performance opportunities for students at all levels who are interested – it’s never required.
  • Our resident student performance troupe, Farhat al Raqs.
  • Our resident professional level dance company, Dreams of Arabia
  • Exciting collaboration projects between our dance and music students!

Level 1 FUNdamentals

Have fun learning the basics of belly dance! Each week you will learn a few new movements and put them into a combination that will have your really dancing right from the start! Absolutely no experience in bellydance classes necessary.

There’s a coin hip scarf for waiting for YOU – come dance with us!

Level 2

Continuing students will expand their movement vocabulary, learn to dance with veils, play finger cymbals and more!

This class is for students who have completed at least two consecutive months in Level 1, or with instructor approval.

Level 3

A skills, drills and combo class that will build on your foundation skills. This class explores more complex technique, musicality, regional styles, improvisation, finger cymbals and some props!

Performance Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to participate in choreography sessions and perform a few times a year.
Our studio is also the home of

Sharqia Dance Company