Phoenix Art Detour
Join us during the month of March for this year’s Art Detour hosted by ArtLink Phoenix!

We will be hosting special online and live classes throughout the month, culminating in our big finale show on March 27th. You will be able to join us for this very special show either online on our Facebook page, or watch in person through the large front window of our studio. We’ll have the space out front roped off for outdoor seating.

We have quite a variety of entertainment planned for you with live music and dance in a variety of styles, including K-Pop, Greek and Arabic bellydance.

Art Detour is hosted by Phoenix’s ArtLink and is celebrating it’s 33rd year as an annual arts event. This year ArtLink has expanded both the time span and format of the event in order to allow everyone to participate safely. This year’s events include both in person and online exhibits and performances.

We hope you’ll explore what Art Detour has to offer this year and join us for some classes and our big show on March 27th!